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Use our Employee Cost Calculator to see the true cost of an in-house resource. You will see that using Quisenberry and Associates consultants for overflow, small jobs, etc. can be very cost effective.

Quisenberry and Associates, Inc provides a variety of services in  professional and economical manner.

We provide top notch AS400 (seriesI) programming, analysis, and general consulting at rates lower than many other seriesI consulting companies.

We provide outstanding service and add value to your EDI processes. We support a myriad of translators on many platforms. We also provide support and mapping services as well as integration to the back-office.

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Services Provided

AS/400 (Series I) Consulting and programming.

You may have a backlog of projects, or even a big project that your current staff does not have time or possibly advanced knowledge to accomplish.

Quisenberry and Associates, Inc, has the people that can help with the back log or handle that new project.

We are professional, and our rates are very reasonable. We can ....

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services.

Today EDI is becoming more and more of a requirement to do business.

We are equipped to provide EDI daily support, mapping services, on-demand services.

We work with the traditional translators (Gentran, TrustedLink),  as well as the many PC based translators.

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