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It's not the Emmy Award-winning “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” but computer forensics holds a growing lure for law firms an

An employee needs to be disciplined for violating Computer Use Policies, but you want solid evidence to protect yourself from litigation. Or, you suspect someone of taking intellectual property (sales leads, customers, payroll info) via email, thumb drive or even iPod.

This is where Digital Forensics Services can help

It's not the Emmy Award-winning “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” but digital forensics holds a growing lure for law firms and human resource directors investigating workplace disputes.

In this day and age, there are a multitude of electronic storage methods. The obvious are computers, and more recently the list includes:

  • Thumb drives
  •   Ipods
  •   Cell Phones
  •   Digital Cameras
  •   SD, CF, etc. cards
  •   PDA's
  •   Iphones

And the list is growing daily.

At Quisenberry and Associates, Inc, we work daily on safeguarding data stored on these devices, and analyzing and discovering data on the devices.

Preservation is important. For example, simply backing up a hard drive may cause you to lose some pertinent data. “How?”, you may ask. Well, normal backup procedures backup the drive based on what is in the Directory. So, a backup will backup all data that is reported in the File Directories. But, most disk drives are not 100% full. So, if a drive is 50% full, a backup will save 50% of the data (the data represented in the Directory). The other 50% will not be retained. The 50% not in the directory usually has old deleted files, and other artifacts.

We image the disk or device on a byte-by-byte level, in a way that the original disk in not affected, so when we have completed the imaging we have an exact copy of the original disk or device. This way we preserve all of the data, and then you are able to continue to use the device or drive.

We follow proper procedures for data preservation and chain of custody records, so the data is safe and secure.

Proper preservation has become more and more important for business due to new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which took effect about a year ago. The new rules address standards of evidence for “e-discovery,” or electronic records that are admissible for civil cases in federal courts.

Our current caseload involves intellectual-property disputes, theft of trade secrets, employee misconduct and civil claims.

A part of our employee misconduct cases involve sexual harassment in the workplace and Internet pornography on work computers.

Quite often, we get word from an employer that might have just fired an employee and we're expecting a dispute or something that might come up, so we need to preserve evidence from the time of a person's employment. Or, we might hear that they feel they have a set of reasons to fire someone, and now we need to prove it (before they proceed).

Services range from a simple “preservation” job of storing a copy of the data on a single computer, to up to an extensive investigation of a massive computer network.

A common mistake employers make, is to rely on an internal employee or information technology department not trained in computer forensics to preserve e-mails or other records.

Any additional activity on a computer file can be subject to scrutiny or cross-examination in court.

With paper and print documents, it was always very easy to destroy the evidence.

Now with electronic data, there are copies and it's much harder to destroy, but it's very easy to change the records. That's why the preservation side of this business is so important.

Services provided:

  • Forensic Imaging of Disk Drives
  • Forensic Imaging of Thumb drives, Cell Phones, Ipods, etc.
  • E-Discovery
  • Analysis and Reporting on Imaged Data
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Recovery for encrypted data
  • Employee Monitoring Systems

Reasons to need the above services:

  • General Harassment (via email, etc.)
  • Sexual Harassment (via email, etc.)
  • Suspected Intellectual Property Theft
  • Alleged Wrongful Termination
  • Proactively Safeguarding Data for future issues

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