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This listing of AS/400 products represents a sampling of our installed products at many of our clients.  Though generic in design, they are tailored to suite each individual client where they are installed.  Each is available for purchase, including custom installation for your PRMS environment.

PRMS General Ledger Viewer     RETURN TO TOP     

The GL Viewer provides a powerful, but easy-to-use graphical interface to your PRMS General Ledger DataThe application features a multiple-document interface that allows for simultaneous views of one or more GL companies.  For the selected GL company, pre-filter prompts are provided that include lookup values and Wildcard searches.  Data views can be in the form of account summary, transaction detail, or 2-year comparative Trial Balance.  The GL Data is extracted from your iSeries and displayed in an interactive grid.  The grids provide further options for custom filters, column layout, grouping, drill-downs, column selection, and exports to Excel.  From the grid view, you can print pre-formatted Crystal Reports.  The application preferences menu allows you to determine which GL companies are available for your viewing.

See our Graphics/400 Page for more information on the capabilities and features of our exciting iSeries graphical products!

Menu Master Manager     RETURN TO TOP     

This add-on enhancement provides an easy-to-maintain option-level security for PRMS menu master.  Allows security maintenance by either user or option in a single company, multi-company, and multi-plant environment.  In each situation, the user has ONE AS/400 and ONE FX-Profile that gives them access to ALL PRMS environments with different option security for each environment. 

Menu Master Manager now includes CLASS AUTHORITY allowing you to specify generic classes for user-groups, and then user-specific option overrides to allow or disallow class options.  This greatly reduces maintenance and more control over option authority.  Also, we now offer a TMA GRAPHICS/400 add-on that provides multi-dimensional, interactive grid views of options access.  The graphical view also includes limited maintenance capability to remove access by option and to toggle User/option Flags (MS0800) by a simple click.  There is  built-in security, so you can allow Department managers quick views of who has access to their applications without allowing them to perform maintenance.


On-Line GL Rebuild     RETURN TO TOP   

Eliminates need for GL Summary file rebuilds during month-end close. Summary file is automatically updated every time a journal entry is entered. Allows for immediate access to Financial Reports and Allocating/Recurring JV's that depend on an up-to-date summary file before and after the JV is made.

Forecast/Budget Workbench     RETURN TO TOP   

Adds a "forecast" file to the CA-PRMS budgeting system. Enhanced "workbench" interface allows on-line development of this year forecast and next year budget. System provides on-line analysis and consolidation tools, data security, and ability to integrate the new forecast file with the CA-PRMS GL Report Writer.

Excess Inventory Report    RETURN TO TOP   

Reports excess inventory based on months on-hand where user provides parameter of how many months is considered excess. Uses most recent 24 months history from the warehouse inventory file to determine average month's consumption.  Reports in descending dollars or units.

Projected Inventory Report     RETURN TO TOP   

Similar to the "Excess Inventory Report", this also shows excess inventory but based on future requirements rather than past demand. It uses the information from the MRP generation and determines how many days of inventory are in the current on-hand balance. The results are sorted in descending order by dollars or units. Note: This application requires the MRP system. Also, another version of this application exists for companies running multi-plant and running DRP to evaluate corporate level inventory.

GL Interface Date Fix     RETURN TO TOP   

This option provides correction capability where users inadvertently enter a bad date that causes a GL transaction to gets stuck in the interface file. Though system work-arounds exist, they are cumbersome and time-consuming. Some companies rely on data processing to use a database utility to correct the bad record. This option puts the control in the Accountant's hands to view and correct bad dates in an expedient manner. The system allows for individual record correction or mass record correction based on record filters defined by the user.

Physical/Cycle Inventory Management Report     RETURN TO TOP   

This reporting option combines data from the Physical Inventory/Cycle Inventory history files for past performance analysis of count accuracy. Either Physical, Cycle or both count types can be selected within a data range with options for a range of products and a range of product classes. The report can be printed in summary or detail. It shows the number of counts, unit and dollar variance, and percent variance based on absolute values.

GL Financial Reports     RETURN TO TOP   

These are custom designed reports within the CA-PRMS GL Report Writer. The customer reports expand the number of templates currently available by CA. Examples include: condensed print where 12-months + total are shown on a single page for either budget or actual data; reports with quarterly information; reports that show thousands of dollars; reports that include the forecast file from TMA's Forecast and Budget Workbench; audit reports that show the line item detail below each of summary print lines.

AP1099 Detail Reporting     RETURN TO TOP   

This expands the CA-PRMS summary report to show the supporting invoice and payment detail. This a must-have add-on if you are reporting 1099's.

AR Customer/Invoice Text     RETURN TO TOP   

Use CA-PRMS Text option with new text type for customer/invoice text. Print text on AR Trial Balance and Aging Report. Use for collection status and follow-up notes.

PO Part Number Text     RETURN TO TOP   

Use CA-PRMS Text option with new text type for Product text. Print text on Purchase Order. Use for part number specification text.

V90 Create V84 Product Master     RETURN TO TOP   

This little utility program recreates a V84 version of the Product Master file in a V90 environment eliminating the problems created by the database redesign.  From this file, you can access the Product Description, all of the Cost data, and the List Price that is currently in  effect.  

Excel GL Journal uploads to PRMS(c)    RETURN TO TOP   

This customized-to-order application reads an excel spreadsheet of your manually prepared GL journal entry, uploads the excel spreadsheet to an AS/400 work file, edits the uploaded data, optionally prints a report, and finally, copies to the PRMS(c) general ledger interface file.  Once in the interface file, it can be transferred to the general ledger using the standard PRMS(c) GL Interface option, GL0960.


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